Configure router to work as DHCP server for the networks which are not directly connected to that router.

We have already completed the task of assigning ip to the computer by the Dhcp server, to the networks which are directly connected to that router.Now we assign ip with the help of dhcp server to the networks which are not directly connected to that router. Generally on configuring dhcp pool for networks on a router does not help in providing ip dynamically to the network. we just have to apply few commands on the routers.

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Configure your router to work as a DHCP server.

DHCP server is used to assigning IP to the computer automatically. But as you know that buying a server is costly.To reduce that cost we can configure our router to work as DHCP server. after configuring router as dhcp server we don’t need any dhcp serer to assigning ip to the computer. the router will  do that work of assigning ip. But you should not use this method to work in large no. of networks because just in case if the router fails  your whole networks will fail to,for a large network you should use a dhcp server. I would prefer to use this method only in small networks.

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configure a network of cisco switches along with DHCP ,DNS , HTTP Servers In cisco packet tracer.

To Configure them let’s begin with the basics:-

1.Switch:-Switch is a networking device used to connect a large number of systems to the same network.It always works on the same network as if a network is connected to it then the  computer of network will not be connected to it, for that purpose we use routers.

2.DHCP Server:-The dhcp (dynamic host configuration protocol) is a network protocol used to assign IP automatically to the systems with the help of a machine called DHCP server.

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