Watching a star wars movie using command prompt in windows.

Would you ever heard of watching a star wars movie in command prompt just using few simple commands? Well I heard about it few years ago but, that time i wondered how is it possible? After finding about it for a long time i come to know that it is a very simple command prompt trick. you just have to follow few steps:-

1.Firstly, you have to enable telnet server from the control panel . To enable telnet server. the control panel and go to uninstall a program. go to ‘turn windows features on or off‘ and select telnet server and telnet client              features from check box and press ok.turn windows features on or off

2.Now go to command prompt and type command ‘ ‘ and press enter.the movie will start automatically.

now you can enjoy star wars movie in text format.

*But for this trick keep in mind that your system should have internet connection enabled in it. and the loading speed of the movie depend upon your internet speed.

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