How to format your pendrive using command prompt?

We all know how to format a pendrive using graphical process but it also important for us to have information about formatting a pendrive using command prompt. It is also a simple process like formatting graphically. To format pendrive you just have to follow these simple steps:-

  1. Open command prompt and type command ‘diskpart‘. A new popup window will appear opened with root file diskpart in it.format pen drive
  2. Type command ‘list disk‘ and press enter.A list of the disks will appear from which choose your pendrive by checking disk size. and type command ‘select disk 1‘. here 1 is my pendrive letter.if your pendrive has different letter choose that letter and type on place of 1.format pendrive
  3. Now after selecting drive type command ‘clean‘. press enter and again type command ‘create partition primary‘ and press enter.
  4. now type command ‘select partition 1‘ and press enter and again type command ‘active‘.
  5. Now format pendrive using command ‘format fs=ntfs quick‘.and assign letter using command ‘ assign‘ and press enter.format prndrive
  6. after assigning type exit to quit the window and command prompt.

During this process choose the disk carefully otherwise if you choose the wrong disk your hard disk’s all data will be cleared.

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