How to lock a hard disk volume without using any extra software?

Are you seeking for some software to lock drive to hide files. Now it won’t be necessary to use any software to lock a drive. It can be done without using any third party software. Yes, windows already provides a feature to lock a drive for the safety of our data wiz ‘Bitlocker’.You can lock your important files in it without buying an expensive software.It can be done by two ways:-

A: From command prompt

  1. Firstly, go to command prompt and choose ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ option from it.lock a drive
  2. Then select the drive which you want to lock and click on ‘Turn on BitLocker’ option from it.lock a drive

B. From file explorer

  1. open the file explorer and select the drive which you want to lock. Now, right click on the drive and select ‘Turn on Bitlocker’.lock a drive

After both the methods You reach to same Pop-up window like thisturn on bitlocker

Where select the ‘Use a password to unlock this drive’ option from the check box and Insert the password *password should contain letters with upper and lower case alphabets with numeric and special characters*. And press next. Then The window leads tolock a drive

Now choose the method to recover the key in case you forgot password. After that click on next and then in the next window choose encryption type and then encrypt it(According to me choose the first encryption because the other one takes too much time to open the drive) . After all the processes Restart your computer and after restart the computer will ask the key to open the drive.And your drive will be locked.

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