Convert the file system of any drive without using any software and data loss.

Are you having any trouble in putting a file of more that 4 gb in any drive. well there is no problem in your file or drive. It is the problem of file system which you are using.

Yeah, generally there are two types of file system which are used commonly which are Fat32, NTFS.

Fat32:- this file system supports a single file of at most 4 gb.

NTFS:- this file system can supports single file of more than 4 gb.

So, to put single file of more than 4 gb we need NTFS file system. and we can convert a fie system from Fat32 to NTFS by using command prompt and without any data loss.To convert your file system follow these steps:-

  • Firstly search command prompt in search and Run it as command prompt as administrator
  • Before converting file system we have to check and fix errors in the drive. So, to check and fix errors in the drive apply command  “chkdsk D;/f” (here D is the drive letter whose file system you want to change).
  • After the process is being completed again type command “H;/FS:NTFS” and press enter after that the process will be started for conversion of Fat32 to NTFS. After complition of process to 100% close command prompt.

Now go to windows explorer and check the file system in properties.Now, it is converted to NTFS .


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