How to Backup and restore the registry of system in windows?

Whenever you make some changes in the registry  the most smart move is to take the backup first. So that if something goes wrong in future you  could restore the original settings back. In this article we will discuss about taking registry backup and to restore it.

What is registry?

But first of all we should have information about, what is registry? Registry is the Database which contains all the settings and configuration for services, applications, components used by system.

How to backup and restore Windows registry?

After messing with the settings,to restore the settings back to normal backup is important.It just take a couple of minutes to restore the registry back.To take backup follow these steps.

=>To take the backup.

  • open the run and type ‘regedit‘.registry edit
  • Now in the registry editor on the top left corner go to export.registry backup
  • After that select the path where backup is to be saved and also insert the file name and select the range to all on the lower side of left panel and click save.registry backup
  • And the registry backup will be saved to the selected place.

=>To restore the registry backup.

  • open the registry editor and select import on the top left corner .registry backup
  • now select the path where the backup is saved and open the registry backup file and select open.registry backup

Now the registry of your system is restored to default.

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