configure a network of cisco switches along with DHCP ,DNS , HTTP Servers In cisco packet tracer.

To Configure them let’s begin with the basics:-

1.Switch:-Switch is a networking device used to connect a large number of systems to the same network.It always works on the same network as if a network is connected to it then the  computer of network will not be connected to it, for that purpose we use routers.

2.DHCP Server:-The dhcp (dynamic host configuration protocol) is a network protocol used to assign IP automatically to the systems with the help of a machine called DHCP server.

3.DNS Server:-dns(domain name server) is a server which is used to assign names to the domain IP’S. It is really hard to remember the ip of any site so dns server converts that number into name and we have to type just only the name of site to search it on internet.

4.HTTP Server:- A http server AKA web server is the server that show web pages on the request of clients. It’s main function is to store web pages.

now we have a sample of network which we configure as an example:-dhcp server

Now firstly go to dhcp server and open it. Now in the desktop menu go to ip configuration and assign IP statically to the server . In it give the dns as ip

Now go to it’s services menu and select DHCP in which fill the entries as given below in imageand turn on the dhcp server.dhcp server

the work on the dhcp server is completed.

Now select the DNS server and in the desktop menu go to ip configuration and select dhcp and it will request for a ip and a ip is given automatically to the server.ip assigning by dhcp

Now go to services and select DNS and give the name and ip of the http server as given below and click on add button.dns server

Now move to http server and similarly as dns server assign ip to it by using dhcp server. and then go to http in services menu , there create a page or edit a page which will be shown on browser.

Now all the servers are configures. so, we move on to pc there we assign ip by dhcp server and in a browser we type the name of our page                                                      browser

and as a result our page will appear there. This is done because the message go to the dns server where it directs it to the http server and the webpage loads from http server to our computer.

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