Configure default routing on cisco routers.

We have already studied about static routing in earlier posts but now we will study about Dynamic Routing. In dynamic routing we firstly study about default routing on cisco routers.But firstly you should know why we use default routing? The reason behind configuring default routing is that it has capacity to direct packets destined to networks which are not not there in routing table.It should mainly be used on the networks which have only one exit or only one route to reach destination.It is one of the most easy routing on CISCO Routers.

For practicing Default routing we have a sample problem given here:-

default routing

Firstly we assign IP to the ports of PC’s and The routers. It can be done b two ways:-

  1. By graphically. (but here we just have to assign ip address not to configure routing)
  2. By command line.(similarly, we just have to assign ip using command line)

Now we have to apply default routing on the routers:-


Router(config)#ip route



Router(config)#ip route

Router(config)#ip route



Router(config)#ip route


In this routing we use on the place of Network address As well as Subnet Mask. And After these we will give the IP of the ports of the routers which Are directly connected to that router and are the way out to other networks.

After that when you will try to ping the system your system will send and recieve the packets which means that that routing is working well.


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