Text mode installation of redhat linux in VirtualBox.

Linux also offers installation of Operating system in text mode.When we install linux in graphical mode it also offers to work in text mode but when you install linux in text mode you can’t go to graphical mode.In this post you will come to now about installing linux in text mode. This is also a easy method as graphical mode and even in text mode you can do the same work as graphical.To install linux follow these steps:-

In text mode installation use keys

  1. tab= to move pointer on different options
  2. up and down arrow keys= to move the options up and down
  3. space bar= to select the option on which pointer is kept
  4. enter= to select the option

Firstly, you have to set up VirtualBox.

After that start the linux in virtualbox.

  1. After setup of virtual box type ‘linux text‘ on the first boot screen to start the text mode installation.
  2. Then skip the scanning cd option by using tab and then enter.
  3. After that select language and keyboard option in next windows and click ok.(just use tab and enter)
  4. Then it will ask for the installation number in which select the skip the installation number and again in next window select skip.linux text
  5. Then it will ask to format the hard drive in which select yes.
  6. In next ‘partition type‘ window select create create custom layout and click on ok.
  7. Again in next window select free space and then click on new.Then in next window select mount type as (/) and give disk size at least 20GB for the installation of OS and click ok.linux installation
  8. After that it will show that sda1 is created then again go to free space and create a new drive in which select file system type as swap by using arrow keys to work it as ram and give space approx 4 Gb and click ok.linux text mode
  9. Now both  the drives are created  and we save these drives by click on ok. After that we skip all the steps by clicking ok  until it reach to a window with name ‘network configuration‘ in which we configure both network eth0 and eth1.
  10. To configure network select network eth0 and go to edit then in next window select both activate on boot and IPv4 option and then move to next window in which keep it default by DHCP . similarly configure eth1.
  11. After that set time and then  give root password which is needed on login.redhat linux
  12. Then again move to next windows without changing anything in it.Then reboot the system.
  13. After reboot it will show a setup Agent box which we exit without any change. Then it will move to login window in which give user id and password and your linux OS is installed now.

In the same way you can install linux in real machine.

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