What is linux and VirtualBox?

Linux is a most used and well known open source operating system.From personal computers to servers and super computers, smartphones, home appliances Linux is everywhere now a days. Just like windows, mac, android it is also a operating system.Just like other operating systems linux is also used to communicate between your system hardware and softwares. It provides resources between them to communicate.

Why use linux?

It is the frequently asked question that why we should use linux. Why should we learn a different operating environment? I just wanna ask you that is your OS is working fine? or Are you constantly fighting with the issues like malwares, viruses, system slow downs, Costly services and lisences? If you are fighting with all these problems and want to get rid of all these problems, then linux is the operating system you are searching for.

Linux is the most trusted and most used operating system on the planet.Linux is the operating system with zero cost of subscription.Yes, it is a freeware with zero cost for entry.Use can use it on as much systems as you like without spending even a single penny.It is a set up and forget type of system. you just have to configure it and leave, it will run without any problem.You can’t even have to reboot system in your whole life but it is needed to reboot only when the kernal is updated.
How it was created?
linux was created on the base of unix. It is completely just like unix. Just like unix it has very less issues. The only difference between them is that you have to buy unix subscription while linux is completely a freeware.
Availability of operating system?
As being a freeware and having open source licence it is available online for free. You just have to download and burn on cd/ flash drive and install in your system.It is not only available in single version. it is available in many versions for different purposes and uses.It’s other versions are also available for servers.wiz.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Ubuntu Server
  • CentOS
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux.

What if a problem appears?
As being a operating system we can’t say that it will not have any problem anytime. A problem can appear any time. In that case you can purchase a yearly maintanance subscription for your system. There is a large no. of technicians available for linux.If you buy service pack you will get technical support anytime. And your system and data will be recovered to normal.

We will practice on Redhat linux for example in later posts. and we will use oracle virtual box software to run our linux operating system.

What is virtual box?

Virtual box is a Open source virtualization software which runs on a operating system. Virtual box allows a operating system to run other operating systems on a system as a guest OS.The other operating system works in virtual environment using the same hardware which is used by main OS.

Why it is useful? 

  • Running multiple operating systems simultaneously:- In virtual box you can run many operating systems simultaneously without any problem.The virtual box run operating system as a application on a operating system. so you don’t need to restart your system again and again to work on different operating system.
  • Testing and recovery:- since operating system works in virtual environment it will not have any effect on the main operating system and your data.And you can perform testing on operating system without any problem. If any problem happens just delete and re-install the software.

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