Changing windows password without knowing old password.

Generally windows ask for the old password to set a new password for user. But there are some hidden methods in windows to change the password even if you don’t have access to old password.Yes, you can change windows user password without having access to old password. You just need a already logged in system to change password. You can change your siblings or friend’s system password for fun. But keep In mind that it is illegal. so take it as a trick for fun and don’t misuse it.

It can be done by two methods:-

1.Graphical method.

  •  Open control panel and go to computer management in administrative tools.(Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools).administrative tools
  • Now open computer management and go to “local users and groups” in ‘System Tools‘.
  • Then open users and and select the user whose password you want to change.
  • Now right click on that user and select ‘set password‘ option and click on proceed option in the popup password
  • Click on yes after filling the new password and confirming the password.

2.By command prompt.

  • Open command prompt as administrator.(by searching in search box and select run as admin. after right click on it or by shortcut “win. key+x” and select command prompt(admin).)
  • Then type command “net user 3usageeks redhat“(here 3usageeks is the name of user and redhat is the new password of user).

By using both ways you can change windows password without knowing old password and without using any software.

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