Double Your Computer CPU speed for free.

Hey friends, today i am going to tell you how to double your cpu’s processing power by using method which you doesn’t even know is possible without overclocking your cpu. If you have already overclocked your cpu still you can get even better performance out of it.

How it works?

Every CPU you buy have an advertised number of cores and basically it allows multiple applications processes  being processes once on each core. But over time these cores may degrade and loose performance.

To fix this nearly all CPU’s made by manufacturers are put out by ‘Redundant cores’ (backup cores) of the CPU.So, if a core fails then a backup core will be activated to preserve the level of performance.And in many cases there are the no. of redundant cores as regular cores. so, there are double the no. of cores as advertised by the manufacturers.These all are just to increase the life span of the CPU but now a days it is really unnecessary due to modern technology cores barely fails means in most cases these backup cores remain unused for the entire life of the computer.we uses these redundant cores to increase the performance. we activate all the cores to maximize the speed. Even in case if a core dies you still have more than what you started with and the performance will still be more than before.

Why do manufacturers does not ship them with all the cores activated?

If there is no downside of activating all the cores than why do manufacturers does not ship them the cores activated? There are basically two reasons.

  1. So that they can control the processing power of different models of different price of a CPU.example:- They manufacture same kind of chip to reduce the production price. So you can get same performance in lower end CPU as higher CPU by activating the cores.
  2. The CPU manufacturers want their CPU performance to remain constant over time.If you ship them all the cores activated then if cores fail then the performance of the cpu will drop and causes bad reputation of manufacturer.So, they under promise the performance so that if cores fail there is a lot of headroom so that the redundant cores will replace them and the performance will remain constant.

How to activate these Cores?

  1. In windows 10 go to start menu and type ‘msconfig‘. If you are using windows 8 or earlier then open run and type ‘msconfig’.
  2. Then a system configuration window will appear in which open ‘Boot‘ menu.increase CPU speed
  3. Now click on ‘advanced options‘, and don’t click on anything extra.
  4. Now check the ‘number of processors‘ Box. and select the maximum no. of processors/cores. which allow windows to boot and use all the cores.increase computer speed
  5. Now click  OK in all the boxes to apply the new settings.
  6. Then window will ask whether to restart or restart later. you can select the restart later option.

Now all the cores are activated but in general only the windows can use these cores. Booting will be faster and  the operating system in general will be faster but still any other programs cannot use these, we need to activate them as a whole so that the system can see them.To activate these cores for applications follow these steps:-

  1. Firstly, Open control panel and go to administrative tools in system and security.administrative tools
  2. Now in next window run Performance monitor as administrator.performance monitor
  3. In performance monitor go to ‘Data collector set’ and then ‘user defined’.Then in user defined right click on blank space and make new data collector collector set
  4. In the new window Give the name of file and check ‘ create manually (advanced)’ and click next.             increase cpu speed
  5. In next window check ‘performance counter’ and click next.
  6. Now again in next window click ‘add’, then select processor and down that block select he largest number given there and click add just below it. (these are the no. of cores. this will show a less core than total because here the index no. starts from 0 ). After adding this will be shown in right side block.setting up no. of processors
  7. After that in the same window select ‘process’ just above processes.Expend the process and select Thread count in it.After highlighting Thread count click add.And Then click OK.increase computer speed
  8. Now that window will disappear and new window will be shown in which just click next and Then Finish without making any change.

Now just close all the windows and Restart your computer for the system to take changes and boot again with all the cores activated. Now you are all set with the faster system then before. you can see the result by performing benchmark test using any software.

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