Download any Youtube video directly.

There are many times when you are surfing videos on youtube and if suddenly you likes any video you want to download it. But there is no download button on youtube to save it to your computer in that case you should know any method to download that video from youtube. So you can follow this method to download the video and save it to your computer.

To download video from youtube follow these steps:-

  1. Open any video on youtube which you want to download.
  2. Now go to it’s address bar and type “ss” in front of youtube and press enter. example:-youtube trick
  3. Then it will redirect you to a new page/site named ‘’.
  4. Now click on the arrow button to side of block in which video link is there. youtube
  5. Then a link will appear below it with the list of formats in which video to be downloaded.Then select a format in which video is to be downloaded and click on download youtube video

After that the download will start automatically in your browser.In this way you can download any video from youtube.

Or you can download extension for browser by clicking here.

So that in future you can directly download video by single click.

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