Password protect your firefox browser.

If you are using firefox browser you would be searching for any method to lock your firefox browser for the sake of your privacy. Many people generally saves passwords in their browser to open the accounts fastly without applying passwords again and again.And if other people open your computer they can easily access your accounts and can do anything which they want. so, to protect your privacy you can add extension and set password.

To add password apply these steps:-

  1. Open the firefox browser and in the menu on right top side click on option button  and select ‘Add-ons‘ or apply shortcut ctrl+shift+A .firefox password
  2. Now In Add-ons search “Master password +” and click on install.password on firefox
  3. Now restart the browser and again go option in top right corner and click on customize.                                                                              password on firefox
  4. Then search for master password icon on left side and drag it to menu on right side to add it to menu.
  5. Now click on the down arrow on master password icon in the menu options and select  ‘set master password ‘ option or directly apply shortcut ‘alt+l‘.  master password
  6. now fill the password to be set as startup password and down below it select Startup menu and check on ‘ask for password on startup‘ and click on ok to apply changes.firefox brower

After that whenever you open your firefox browser it will always ask for that password and no one can access your browser without that password.

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