Password protect your google chrome browser.

Generally, many people have bad habbit of using others computer without asking them.And you saves password in the browser for fast login and switching accounts, in that case you can use extension in your chrome browser to protect your privacy. With that extension you can set a password on your chrome browser so that if somebody opens your browser without asking you it won’t let him in the browser.

To set this extension:-

  1. go to the “options >more tools>Extensions”.google chrome password
  2. In the extensions click on”get more extensions”.Then chrome web store will open new tab.
  3. On chrome store search for ‘PassBrow’ Extension and add it to your chrome browser.
  4. After adding it to browser go to extension window where all the extensions can be seen and search for that extension.
  5. Now enable the extension, check for’allow incognito window’ and then select option below it.(allow incognito window option will ask for password even in incognito mode).chrome password
  6. Now fill all the entries required and save them .

Now whenever you open the chrome browser it will ask you the password and keeps away the unauthorised  people from accessing your accounts.

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