Setting up additional security for windows system using syskey.

Basically windows have feature of  security by adding user password.But if you are not satisfied with single password on startup you can set a addition password by syskey utility. Syskey utility is a inbuilt feature of windows of securing data by using 128 bit encryption. You can add syskey password on system which is asked on windows startup. without this password the window will not boot.And no one can’t reach to the user password without syskey password. You system will firstly ask for syskey password and then the user password.In this way your system will have two layer security.To enable syskey on your system follow these steps:-

  1. Open run and type ‘syskey’ or search for syskey in search box.
  2. Then a window will appear in which select ‘update’.syskey
  3. Now again a window will appear with the name of startup key in which select ‘Password startup’ from bullet box.startup key
  4. Now type password and confirm the password and then click on ok.(i prefer to use password with upper and lower case letters with symbols to make strong password)

Now the startup password will be set on your system.So whenever you start your system it will ask for both startup password as well as user password.And all your data will be saved.

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