Some useful keyboard shortcuts for windows operating system

This article is all about some useful keyboard shortcuts for windows users. Here in this article, we learn some useful keyboard shortcuts by which you can manage your windows operating system easily. You can also save your time and boost your productivity by using these keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are applicable for all version of Microsoft windows either windows XP or windows 10 also. While most of us already know

many of windows shortcuts but here in this article, you can probably know about many of the other useful shortcuts which are don’t known by you. So read this article at once and take benefits from here.

Now here we learn about some of the useful keyboard shortcuts for windows operating system

F 1   {To Display help in windows}

F 2   {To rename the selected item on your screen}

F 3   {To search a file and folder in windows}

F 4   {To Display your address bar in file explorer in windows}

F 5   {To refresh your PC}

Alt+F 4   {To close an open item/app and also used for access shutdown options in windows}

Alt+enter   {To open properties for the selected item/app}

Alt+left arrow key   {To go backward on your item/app}

Alt+right arrow key   {To go forward on your item and/app}

Alt+page up key   {To scroll and move up one screen}

Alt+page down key   {To scroll and move down one screen}

Alt+Tab key   {To switching between all open apps on your system}

Ctrl+A   {To select all items in a folder and on your windows}

Ctrl+C   {To copy all the selected items on your windows screen}

Ctrl+X   {To cut the selected item on your windows screen}

Ctrl+V   {To paste the selected copied item and move an item}

Ctrl+R   {To refresh your active windows and system}

Ctrl+Y   {To redo an action}

Ctrl+D   {To delete a selected item on your screen}

Ctrl+Z   {To undo an action}

Ctrl+plus key(-)   {To zoom in on your opened screen}

Ctrl+minus key(+)   {To zoom out on your opened screen}

Ctrl+Alt+Tab   {To switch between opened apps and tabs through arrow keys}

Ctrl+Esc   {To open start menu}

Ctrl+Shift+Esc   {To open task manager}

Shift+Delete   {To permanent delete a selected item from your system}

Esc   {To stop and close a current task}

Now here we learn about some keyboard shortcuts which only work with Windows logo key

Windows key+D   {To show desktop and minimize all the open windows on your system}

Windows key+E   {To open file explorer on your system directly}

Windows key+F   {To open windows search option directly}

Windows key+Print screen   {To take a screenshot of your window}

Windows key+M   {To minimize all the windows at a time on your system}

Windows key+H   {To open the share option}

Windows key+I   {To open the setting option}

Windows key+L   {To Lock your PC directly and switch users}

Windows key+R   {To open Run dialogue box}

Alt+Ctrl+Del   {To access power options of your system}

Windows key+Pause Key   {It is allowed you to open the system properties dialogue box}

Ctrl+F   {It is used to open the find option in any programe}

Ctrl+P   {It is used for print the current page}

Ctrl+Shift+N   {To create a new folder on your system}

Num lock+*   {To show all the subfolders in the selected folder}

Num lock+plus key(+)   {To show all the content in a selected folder}

Alt+Right arrow   {To view the next folder}

Alt+Left arrow   {To view the previous folder}

End   {To display the bottom of the active window}

Home {To display the top of the active window}

F 11   {To maximize and minimize the active window}

If you found these shortcuts useful then appreciate us by commenting on the website.

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