What is yum ? How to configure yum server on your linux?

What is yum?

YUM ((Yellowdog Updater Modified) is a package management tool for RPM(RedHat Package Manager) based Linux systems.It allows the user to easily install, update, remove the packages on system. Generally when we install a package it also needs some small supportive packages to run. in that case we use YUM server to install packages. It installs all the small package needed by the package in your system as well as the main rpm package.It saves your time By installing, removing, updating packages by single command.YUM

Configuring yum server on linux machine.

While configuring yum server on your system it can be done by two ways.


  • Firstly open the directory where you have kept the RHEL iso file. As i have kept the file on desktop.#cd Desktop
  • Now mount the iso file on folder to open it by using command   #mount -o loop rhel54.iso /mnt
  • Then open the folder on which iso file is mounted #cd /mnt
  • Now check for the Server folder in that mnt folder using command #ls
  • Then copy the server folder from that iso file to another place where it will be safe.As i have copied the folder to desktop. #cp -rv Server /root/Desktop/Server
  • Now we have to provide entry of configuration in yum.repo file.
  • To configure the file type command #vim /etc/yum.repos.d/yum.repo
  • In vim editor go to the insert mode by using (i). Then type following commands:-
  • In the above lines baseurl is the path of the server folder.
  • Then get out of the insert mode by cliking Esc key and then type :wq


Now YUM server is configures in your system by text mode.



To configure yum server graphically.

1.Extract the server folder from the iso file.

  • Right click on the iso file and select  Open With “Archive Manager”  to mount iso file on a folder.YUM server
  • Now extract the server folder from the iso file to desktop.Yum server
  • After extracting the folder go to the computer then to file system  . After that follow path /etc/yum.repos.d/  in yum.repso.d folder create a file named yum.repo. creating file in linux
  • In yum.repo file type the following commands :-
  • After that save the file.  In the above lines baseurl is the path of the server folder.


Now the YUM server is configures in your system by graphical method.


Commands to use YUM server in you system:-

a. To install package #yum install java*

b.To modify package #yum update java

c.To remove package #yum remove java

d.To get information of a package #yum info java

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