How to add audio track to a movie in VLC media player.

hello everyone, today i am gonna tell you about adding a different language audio track to a movie in VLC media player. Generally, when we search for a movie to download from internet either we don’t get in our language or in good quality. we have to compromise with with one of the thing either with quality or language. But using this method you don’t have to be worried. You can download a movie in good quality in any language and then you can add the audio file of the choice of your language.It is a really easy method. You should give it a try.

audio track in vlc


  • Firstly, download the audio file of that video in your language from internet.
  • In VLC media player  go to ‘open multiple files‘ in ‘media‘ option or click Ctrl+Shift+Oadding audio track to video
  • Now click on add button in open media window.add video file
  • Then a window will appear in which select the movie which is to be played. After selecting movie click on open.
  • Then fill the check box ‘show more options‘. After that again a check box appear ‘play another media synchronously‘ which is to ticked.
  • Then below that there is an ‘extra media‘ option will appear with browse button.From where we browse the audio file of that movie.synchronise audio track with a movie
  • After that again a new open media window will appear in which we click on add button and select the audio file and click ok to proceed track to a movie
  • At last click on the play button to play the video with audio track.
  • But by default the audio track is set to default language . so to change language track go to Audio in menu bar then go to audio track in which select Track2 to watch the video in your language.change audio track in vlc media player

This way you can add audio file to any video.

I would prefer to download original full length movie file from torrent so that if you try to add audio track to it, it will synchronise properly. Because the audio tracks are dubbed according to the original full length movies.

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