Convert video formats using VLC media player.

Many of our devices does not supports a specific kind of video formats. In that case we do need change the video format to play that video and for that we need to buy the expensive video converters. But it can be done without any cost.

Most of the people use VLC media player as their primary media player because of it’s very easy and attractive interface. But in reality VLC is not just a media player. It has a large number of hidden features in it. From which video converter is one of the very important feature. In this post i am going to show you that how we can change video formats using VLC media player.

VLC as media converter

vlc as video converter

  1. Firstly, select ‘Convert/Save’ from the Media option in menu bar. vlc as media converter
  2. Then a ‘Open media’ dialog box will appear in which click “add” button from where browse the video which is to be converted.VLC media player as Video converter
  3. Then at the end of box from the convert/save dropdown list select “convert” option.use vlc media player as video converter
  4. Then in the Convert dialog box select the options according to your preferences:-  VLC media player as video converter
  • a: Here you can choose the video format according to your need.
  • b: This is the advanced option to convert video. In this option you can set your own profile with screen resolution, quality, frame rate ,etc of your your need to convert video.
  • c: By this option you have to set the destination folder for the converted video. After clicking browse button and setting destination folder you also have to give name of the converted file.

After setting everything you just have to click on the start. And the process will start for conversion. After completion of conversion you just have to open the destination folder, where you can enjoy your video.

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