Convert video formats using VLC media player.

Many of our devices does not supports a specific kind of video formats. In that case we do need change the video format to play that video and for that we need to buy the expensive video converters. But it can be done without any cost.

Most of the people use VLC media player as their primary media player because of it’s very easy and attractive interface. But in reality VLC is not just a media player. It has a large number of hidden features in it. From which video converter is one of the very important feature. In this post i am going to show you that how we can change video formats using VLC media player.

VLC as media converter

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How to add audio track to a movie in VLC media player.

hello everyone, today i am gonna tell you about adding a different language audio track to a movie in VLC media player. Generally, when we search for a movie to download from internet either we don’t get in our language or in good quality. we have to compromise with with one of the thing either with quality or language. But using this method you don’t have to be worried. You can download a movie in good quality in any language and then you can add the audio file of the choice of your language.It is a really easy method. You should give it a try.

audio track in vlc

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What is yum ? How to configure yum server on your linux?

What is yum?

YUM ((Yellowdog Updater Modified) is a package management tool for RPM(RedHat Package Manager) based Linux systems.It allows the user to easily install, update, remove the packages on system. Generally when we install a package it also needs some small supportive packages to run. in that case we use YUM server to install packages. It installs all the small package needed by the package in your system as well as the main rpm package.It saves your time By installing, removing, updating packages by single command.YUM
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